Northside Center for Emotional Wellness LLC

Integrative Wellness Center

We hope to provide a few moments of stillness and a sense peace for those who search for tranquility and freedom from suffering.

NCE Welllness & The Yoga Room is an integrative wellness center, offering a variety of holistic wellness services. We offer traditional talk therapy, yoga, and meditation.
The center is a space for healing, self care, personal exploration and growth. We feel passionately about integrating care for the whole self, body and mind. All offerings can be accessed separately. All yoga and meditation classes are open and available to the community and you can drop in for class. If you are interested in therapy call to schedule an intake 612-310-8683.

We  have exceptional therapists, yoga and meditation instructors and other providers who are compassionate, supportive, and skilled with several years of experience.
“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi.