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Our Amazing Instructors

Marie Schutz

Marie has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and completed her 200-hour teacher training with the Yoga Center of Minneapolis in 2017.  Considering herself a “forever student,” Marie regularly attends various yoga trainings, including trainings in anatomy, yin yoga, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga for recovery, and trauma-informed yoga, and is currently working on completing her 500-hour teacher training with Yoga Medicine.  Marie’s goal as a yoga teacher is to help students cultivate an internal awareness of their own unique experience to feel more at home in their bodies and more present in their minds.  Marie also strives to teach in a way that is inclusive of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.  


Sarah Walker

Sarah came to yoga for the physical aspect and found a deep emotional and spiritual connection to the practice after taking a 200 hour teacher training with Yess Yoga in 2018. She fell in love with yoga’s deep cultural roots, spiritual teachings and philosophy. Her love for learning led her to pursue a 500 hour teacher training and a massage therapy program, both of which she is currently working on.Through yoga and massage she hopes to encourage people to foster connection, trust their intuition and activate the teacher within. She believes that yoga is for everybody and every-body and that a yoga practice can begin without ever stepping foot on a mat.


Mary McCallum

Mary McCallum is an E-RYT200, Curvy Yoga, and Yoga for All certified yoga instructor who is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone. Mary loves teaching how yoga can work for you and dispelling common yoga myths. Her goal is to create a fun, inclusive, supportive, and non-intimidating environment for others to practice yoga as a way to connect and tune into the wisdom of the body.


Laurie Schlosser 

Laurie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her love for yoga and it's healing effects have taken her to India and Indonesia to deepen her practice. She is Yoga Calm certified, completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training, and a practicing psychologist. She creates classes that build strength and openness in the body. Holding postures a little longer and slowly stretching the muscles. Her hope is that you will experience a challenge and deep relaxation in her classes and have a few moments of stillness both in the body and mind.  She supports her students with gentle guidance. Laurie wants to bring the healing effects of yoga to individuals who may not traditionally seek out yoga as well as the experienced yoga practitioner.

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Lori Vander Poel

Lori has practiced yoga for over 12 years as a way to work with bringing balance
and lowering anxiety. She has her 200 RYT from Devanadi Studio in Minneapolis.
While living abroad in India, she was able to studying many styles of yoga and
brings this into her holistic and mindful approach to teaching. Lori is currently
studying Ayurveda- yoga’s sister science. When not practicing yoga, she can be
found running after her three young boys, providing wellness coaching and
education, gardening, singing or reading.


Jessica Rometti

Jessica began practicing yoga in 2010 and completed her RYT-200 at The Yoga Center of Minneapolis in 2013.  Through the practice, she found healing from an eating disorder.  Jessica is currently studying Yoga Therapy through the YogaWell Institute with Chase Bossart, Dolphi Wetergren and Kevin Kortan.  Her dedication to teaching is anchored by a confidence in the tools yoga provides.  It’s important for her to build relationships with her students and hold space for them to have an experience on all levels: body, mind, emotion & breath. .


Robert Sanchez

Robert began practicing yoga in 2006 as a sustainable way to  strengthen and calm his mind and body. In 2010, Robert worked with patients from pediatrics to pro-athletes in Rush Hospital’s radiology department until his passion for preventative care lead him to teach yoga full time for companies like PepsiCo, Google, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Manduka, Uber and many more. Robert believes yoga is meant to meet you where you are. Each class he encourages everyone to explore your present practice. Yoga can be challenging mentally just as it is physically, even restorative classes. However, once you center and focus the mind, your possibilities are endless!

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Anne Marie

Anne found the practice of yoga over 10 years ago and remains committed to being a lifelong student. She’s trained and taught yoga in Costa Rica, and has practiced all over the world. 

Yoga has fostered a deeper connection to herself and she hopes to encourage that same connection within her students. When she’s not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find her hiking, listening to live music, cooking up something fun in the kitchen, or spending time with friends and family.